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One after another, they revealed muscular chests and six-pack abs. The center fielder – whose name she couldn’t recall through her fog of arousal – proved true the stereotype of black men being hung, in at least his case.

Carrie didn’t look back.**Her phone rang that evening while Carrie was walking with her friends from the cab to the bar. It was the third time Greg had tried to call after sending about thirty text messages. Between the drinks and knowing that her friends were going to get laid, she was seriously considering following Jamie and Tracy’s example with Brian.“Check it,” one of the guys said, and nodded toward the door.Upon entering, Carrie spotted three stools open at the bar. Let’s get our drinks and go over there.”“Those are the guys who beat Gary’s team today,” Carrie said.“Even better,” Jamie said. Gary would know almost instantly, and he deserved it. The introductions took a bit with nine guys and three girls. ” Brian asked.“Yes, please,” she answered, trying to keep her anger under control.It took little more than a glance to communicate with her friends, and all three hurried over to where they were certain to be seen. “He hates them, and it won’t take fifteen minutes for someone to text him and let him know.”“They’re probably all cheating assholes just like him,” Carrie scoffed. It was hardly surprising when Tracy sat down next to a black guy named Marlon. She stood up, and the other guys began sliding out from the table.Not only did Brian give her a squeeze, but Pablo did too.“Ah man, did you see that motherfucker? Bye.”Her brain caught up with her mouth as soon as she disconnected the call, and her face burned.” The catcher Steve laughed.“I know that was for him, but I liked it,” Brian said.“I’m with him,” Pablo agreed.“It wasn’t bad,” Carrie teased. Her phone buzzed in her purse, and she slipped her arm out of Brian’s to retrieve it. Feeling evil, she answered it.“Are you serious right now? “If you’re serious, we’re up for that,” Brian said.

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